Garden Edging Kit | Landscape Edging | Lawn Edging (per m)

This edging works great if you want a simple, grass-mulch barrier to define the boundary of a bed

Garden Plastic lawn edging is a lightweight plastic structure manufactured from 100% recycled plastics


The Premier Garden Edging Kit


per metre – order just the length you require

(6 customer reviews)


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Get clean and professional looking edging for lawns, gardens, tree rings, and flower beds quickly and easily.

Easy to customize and install, this user friendly kit requires no digging and has all the materials you need to create the shapes you want, from intricate curves to endless straight lines, even right angle bends without a cut and join.


  • Black edging – 50mm height
  • 20cm rust proof spiral spikes (qty based on order amount)
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per metre

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Create a beautifully landscaped yard without having to hire a professional – this commercial grade plastic edging can be used to create a tidy border on garden beds, tree rings and walkways.

Spiral spikes keep black landscape borders securely in place, no matter the weather or season. Simply trim the edging to the desired length, create your design, and hammer spikes into the tabs – then sit back and enjoy your beautiful landscape design.



Place the edging around raised flower beds, trees, and gardens and use a rubber mallet to drive the spikes into the tabs for a secure, long lasting border



Flexible heavy-duty plastic allows the edging to be installed in a straight line or molded to form curves, and long spiral spikes combat frost heaves and heavy rain to keep your design in place


For shorter lengths, simply measure out the amount needed for your project and cut with garden shears
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Can lengths be added / joined so it's continuous edging?
YES – connectors are provided so you can run continuously.
Can you use this edging for a gravel bed around a home, thinking of using this and putting in river rock.
How does it hold up to the sun and weed wacker?

Customer Answer: I have had it in place for a few years now both in summer and in winter. I have never had a problem with it being in the sun and I weed wack by it every time I cut the grass and never had a problem. The only problem is once in a while in the spring you have to push the stakes that hold it in place back into the ground. The cold weather makes them pop up a little buy nowhere near all the way out of the ground. They have been holding my paver blocks in place very well. Hope this helps

How flexable is this? Is it easy to create nice smooth curves or do they end up being wiggley? Does it tend to retain the shipping coil shape?
It is nice and flexible the spiked nails will enable you to get the edge exactly how you want. Once it is unrolled and you start to install the edging will be fine without retaining coil shape.
Can I do 90 degree angles with this product?
Yes, it’s very flexible. Without cutting, it can perform a 90 on a pretty small radius.
How strong are the spikes. My soil is hard clay with many rocks.
The spikes are strong but they won’t go through rocks. They can go through clay soil. Use a rubber mallet. You will need to find the spike holes that will miss the rocks or remove the rocks if they aren’t too large.

6 reviews for Garden Edging Kit | Landscape Edging | Lawn Edging (per m)

  1. Simon

    This is a good product. It’s made of tough black plastic that is strong enough to withstand lawnmower wheels and edge trimmers. It’s flexible enough to go around corners and the tabs at the bottom allow you to secure weed matting so the grass and weeds are kept out.

  2. Maurine Sullivan

    Brilliant lawn edging and so well priced. Very easy to lay and as I wanted 40 metres, the fact that it rolled up, made it easier to handle and carry other than concrete edging. So glad I made this choice. Having the pegs to secure it was great and also the joins between each 10 metres. Only took a matter of days to come and as I live in an area with virtually no shopping, it meant I didn’t have to go out of town. I always put ‘Leave at front door Please’ on my orders for anything and the Couriers are great. Free delivery was the icing on top.

  3. Dee

    Exactly what I needed. After searching other places for a simple, easy to install edging, I found it on your site. A eat edge, not conspicuous. It got here really quickly too, and free postage was a bonus! Thank you so much.

  4. John Spence

    Product works very well – nice and simple to install. Very impressed with the speed of delivery – 4 days from overseas! And free postage too (over $60)

  5. Don Shepherd

    I can’t believe that at this time of the year we had the product-all 24m2 of it with in 7 days-easy to lay-great product

  6. Courtney Brown

    It’s ok, but wouldn’t recommend for a straight edge. As it comes all coiled up it never straightened out that well. You need to really force it into a line with the pegs, although the number of pegs provided was not sufficient to do this. I had to use another 15 or so other pegs. Overall it’s a wavy kind of look which is not what I wanted.

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